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Join us on the 20th of September @I Know a Place – Master Samuelsgatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden

PingCAP for the first time will host a seminar together with its partners in Stockholm to discuss the increasing demand for cloud-native environments.

In the seminar, we will introduce a MySQL-compatible distributed database, TiDB, which can reduce the complexity for you to deal with the fast growing data.

You will build the overview picture of a NewSQL database and get deep dive into the beauty of TiDB architecture with our experienced database engineer;

We will also prepare a demo to show you some very interesting trends happened in open source and you can have a try by yourself.


Partner of this event:

SO4IT – Full Service IT Company


If you are interested in the following topics this seminar is for you:

1. Fintech digital transformation

2.Cloud native and distributed data system

3.Open source trends in Github