scale faster

Fast Scaling

Elastically and transparently scale to hundreds of nodes for critical workloads without changing business logic.



converge Simple

Simple Convergence

Use what you know about SQL – maintain your relational model and global ACID transactions while coping with your hybrid workloads at ease.

Analyze Realtime

Real-Time Analytics

Equipped with built-in high performance analytics engine to analyze operational data without using an ETL.

Key Features


Horizontal Scalability

Scale out to hundreds of nodes while maintaining ACID transactions. No need to bother with sharding or facing downtime. Ensure data accuracy at scale – even for simultaneous updates to the same data source.


MySQL Compatibility

Increase productivity and shorten time-to-market for your applications with TiDB’s MySQL compatibility. Easily migrate data from existing MySQL instances without the need to rewrite code.


High Availability

Naturally high availability by design. TiDB’s Auto-failover and self-healing ensure business continuity, regardless of hardware failure, network partition or data center loss.


Operational Insights

No ETL and business interference. With a built-in analytics engine, TiDB Cloud runs consistent analytical queries on current data without disturbing mission critical tasks.

Fully managed

Fully Managed

TiDB Cloud provides fully managed services on AWS and GCP, with enterprise grade security features like data encryption and auditing. Certified by SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701, PCI DSS and fully compliant with GDPR as well as HIPAA.

Battle tested

Battle Tested

More than 3,000 adopters globally. Trusted and Verified by Innovation Leaders in banking, fintech, e-commerce, gaming.

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Scenarios right for TiDB Cloud

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Scalable general purpose database

TiDB provides the same user experience as classic general purpose databases. It can scale hundred of nodes without limitation of sharded or NoSQL databases. Additionally, TiDB’s built-in analytical engine speeds up your analytical queries by orders of magnitude without extra analytical databases. It is the solution when you want to scale existing general purpose databases without much refactoring effort.

Transactional database at scale

TiDB provides strict ACID global transaction across nodes and is highly available by design. It is supporting transactional workloads in numerous industries like banking, gaming, fintech, etc. Users trust TiDB for mission critical scenarios since it is battle tested by more than 3,000 adopters globally.

Transactional data offload

TiDB is capable of consolidating data from multiple sources due to its elasticity. Its large volume of data store, online schema change and seamless integration with MySQL ecosystem smooth the data integration experience. Unlike NoSQLs, TiDB is a full-featured relational database, providing both low latency indexed data serving and real-time insights all at once. Besides the transactional scenarios, TiDB is also trusted by many in warm data layer between online application and data warehouse.

What can you build with TiDB Cloud?

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OSS Insight

OSS Insight is a useful insight tool powered by TiDB Cloud that can give you the most updated open source intelligence, and help you deeply understand any single GitHub project or quickly compare any two projects by digging deep into more than 5 billion GitHub events in real time.

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Building an E-Commerce System with TiDB Cloud and Snowflake

By combining TiDB Cloud and Snowflake together, we quickly build an online e-commerce system. In this tutorial, we will introduce this e-commerce solution and walk you through how to configure and use it.

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Build a Real-time Analytics Application with TiDB Cloud

This tutorial is for demonstration purposes only. In this tutorial, you will build a prototype for PingExpress_DemoCorp’s real-time analytics dashboard that runs on TiDB Cloud.

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Migration Process

Migration Scenarios


Migrate data from other databases to TiDB Cloud (full and incremental data migration)


Import SQL, CSV, Aurora Snapshot, or Parquet files into TiDB Cloud


Export CSV or SQL files from TiDB Cloud


Migrate data from cloud MySQL-compatible databases (such as Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon RDS) or on-premises databases to TiDB Cloud using Data Migration jobs. Learn More

Migrate and merge a large MySQL dataset (more than 1 TiB) from different shards. Learn More

Heterogeneous Databases

Migrate heterogeneous databases, such as PostgreSQL and SQL Server, to TiDB Cloud using AWS DMS. Learn More

Migrate Oracle DB instances to TiDB Cloud using AWS DMS. Learn More

On-Premises TiDB

Migrate on-premises TiDB to TiDB Cloud. Learn More

Local Files

Import local files to TiDB Cloud. Learn More

Sample Data

Import a sample SQL file into TiDB Cloud via the UI. Provide Capital Bikeshare sample data for you to easily import data and run sample queries. Learn More

CSV Files

Import uncompressed CSV files from Amazon S3 or GCS into TiDB Cloud. Learn More


Parquet Files

Import Parquet files from Amazon S3 or GCS into TiDB Cloud. Learn More

Export data

Export data in SQL or CSV formats from your cluster in TiDB Cloud. Learn More

TiDB Cloud video

TiDB Cloud in 3 minutes

TiDB Cloud makes it even easier to scale and manage your database. Supercharge your Apps, simplify your infrastructure.


Building an E-Commerce System with TiDB Cloud and Snowflake

In this tutorial, we will introduce this e-commerce solution and walk you through how to configure and use it.

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TiDB is effortlessly scalable, open, and trusted to meet the real-time needs of the digital enterprise


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