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TiDB: Scalable. Versatile. Titanium (Ti) Reliable.

TiDB is the most advanced, open source, distributed SQL database with MySQL compatibility. With TiDB, thousands of organizations are building applications as relentlessly elastic, versatile, and reliable as Titanium (Ti). Learn more about TiDB and TiDB Dedicated, an enterprise-ready, fully-managed TiDB service.

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Scalable by Design

  • Provides horizontal scalability across nodes
  • Grants total transparency into workloads without manual sharding
  • Cuts down on expensive over provisioning

Versatile by Nature

  • Supports OLTP and OLAP workloads
  • Offers a streamlined tech stack that’s easier to maintain
  • Reduces data integration tooling

Reliable by Default

  • Guarantees auto-failover and self-healing
  • Ensures strong data consistency in the cloud
  • Contains built-in high availability and zero-downtime operations

Powered by Open Source

  • Eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Integrates with the data ecosystem
  • Runs on AWS, Google Cloud, or Kubernetes

The Enterprise-Ready, Fully-Managed TiDB Dedicated

The scalable DBaaS that provides the full power of the TiDB operational database without any of the overhead.


TiDB Dedicated


Why TiDB is a Solid MySQL Alternative

Global organizations are using TiDB and TiDB Cloud for diverse database solutions from large-scale transactional workloads to recommendation engines, data-intensive applications, and more.
Streamlined Tech Stack

Streamlined Tech Stack

TiDB contains two distinct storage engines for row and column-based data, reducing data stack complexity.

MySQL compatible

MySQL Compatibility

TiDB is wire compatible with MySQL 5.7, so developers can continue to enjoy the database’s rich ecosystem of tools.

Elastic Scaling

Elastic Scaling

TiDB’s architecture separates compute from storage to instantly scale data workloads out or in as needed.

Mixed Workload Processing

Mixed Workload Processing

TiDB’s Smart Query optimizer chooses the most efficient query execution plan, which consists of a series of operators.

Automatic Sharding

Automatic Sharding

TiDB provides built-in horizontal scalability across homogeneous and heterogeneous nodes without having to do any manual sharding.

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

TiDB guarantees auto-failover and self-healing for continuous access to data during system outages or network failures.

Organizations Using TiDB

Companies use TiDB to scale business-critical transactional workloads including everything from MySQL migrations, to real-time analytics and data reliability challenges.

TiDB Dedicated is a fully-managed, reserved cloud DBaaS with zero operational overhead and node-based pricing.

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