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Mitigate Services Traffic Surges

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Uninterrupted Business Growth

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Case Study

Why Streak Chose TiDB to Make Its CRM Real-Time

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that directly integrates with Google Workspace to create a CRM dashboard of sales pipelines, contacts, and action items. Founded in 2011, they now have over 6000 customers worldwide with industry leading companies such as Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, Logitech, Rappi, and Keller Williams.   Streak is layered on top of Gmail […]

TiDB is enabling Streak users to share emails and metadata effortlessly, and is enabling our developers to move faster than ever before.

Fred Wulff, VP of Engineering

Why TiDB?

PingCAP is dedicated to building TiDB, an Open Source, Cloud Native, distributed, MySQL compatible database for elastic scale and real-time analytics

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