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TiDB Cloud provides developers and data teams the full power of TiDB delivered as an on-demand, fully-managed service, requiring a fraction of the operational overhead needed with traditional data solutions.


Rapid Productivity

Create and connect to an elastically scalable, reliable, MySQL-compatible database in minutes with no software to install, configure, or manage.


Reliable Operations

Trust the experienced cloud ops team at PingCAP to keep data safe by applying industry-leading best practices.


Robust Security

Efficiently secure data in TiDB Cloud using features including identity and access management, VPC peering, turnkey encryption, and more.


Multi-Cloud Availability

Deploy database clusters anywhere in the world with availability in over 30 regions in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Scale Unleashed

Get instant scale, versatility, and reliability for transactional and analytical workloads with TiDB Cloud—all in a single database service.

Horizontal Scaling

Scales out to infinity while maintaining ACID transactions.

Strong Resilience

Strong Resilience

Ensures auto-failover with daily backups.



Easily replicates data across multiple regions and availability zones (AZs).

Easy Upgrades

Easy Upgrades

Zero downtime software upgrades enable business continuity.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Executes analytical queries on transactional data without disturbing mission-critical tasks.

Industry-Leading Security

Industry-Leading Security

Certified by SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701, and PCI DSS, as well as fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA.



Receive real-time alerts of database clusters across clouds.

24:7 Support

24/7 Support

Responsive support through web and phone.

Meet Our Customers

I am very satisfied with how fast PingCAP’s engineers have responded to inquiries, despite being a global team. During the validation testing, I pointed out that the lack of instance types hindered TiDB Cloud’s flexibility. The team at PingCAP immediately added new instance types to the lineup. This sort of turnaround time would be unthinkable with other services.

Ryohei Morita, Infrastructure Team, Capcom


TiDB Serverless (Beta)


Free to start with credits up to 5 clusters for testing and evaluation.

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TiDB Dedicated


Per vCPU Per Hour

Minimum 2vCPU per hour ($0.44 per hour). Flexible pay-as-you-go and subscription billing options.

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TiDB Self-Hosted

Pricing upon request

Self-managed database for applications with advanced configuration requirements. Runs in any cloud or on-prem.

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Purchase through Cloud Marketplaces

Sign up for TiDB Cloud through your existing cloud provider to unify billing and leverage your existing cloud commitments.


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TiDB Cloud is a fully-managed, reserved, DBaaS offering of TiDB with zero operational overhead and true, pay-as-you-go pricing.

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