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Author: Shawn Ma (Product Marketing Manager at PingCAP)

Today we are thrilled to announce the general availability of TiDB Cloud, the fully-managed service for TiDB.

TiDB is a scalable HTAP (Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing) database that can handle both OLTP and OLAP workloads. Unlike other distributed databases, TiDB is designed for strict transactional applications from day one. While easily scaling to hundreds of nodes, it preserves the best things of traditional databases: ACID transactions and SQL. Because of its scalable OLTP abilities, TiDB is able to support mission-critical applications in companies like Square. Besides the OLTP part, TiDB provides a built-in analytics engine as an HTAP database. With TiDB, building real-time insights services can be as easy as some extra nodes with a single SQL statement. It helped many users to capture the value of their operational data and it may help you as well one day.

If you are interested in TiDB, try TiDB Cloud. It is the best way for you to run TiDB.

Even Simpler

TiDB makes it very easy to build scalable transactional services and real-time data applications: whether it is its user experience close to traditional databases, good MySQL compatibility, elasticity, or built-in real-time analytics engine, it greatly simplifies the technical complexity users face. And the way to take this experience to the extreme is to use it in the form of TiDB Cloud. You can deploy, expand and manage TiDB clusters with one click through the TiDB Cloud Web console. At the same time, TiDB Cloud will also take care of key issues for you, such as daily operation, high availability, cluster upgrades, and disaster recovery.

More Reliable

The TiDB core has gone through 7 years of development, serving thousands of users from all walks of life, and has experienced severe tests from different industries: the core scenarios of world-class banks, the black Friday campaign of the world’s leading logistics company, and the unimaginable traffic of Internet Tech Giants. This makes TiDB a battle-proven database. Meanwhile, it is not only TiDB itself that has been tempered, but also our service teams. When a problem occurs for your cluster, the PingCAP team can quickly respond and solve it with the abundant problem handling knowledge base and rich practical experience, which is also a benefit that you won’t fully enjoy by using TiDB in other forms.

More Freedom

TiDB offers multi-cloud support. You can use TiDB Cloud on AWS and GCP currently, while Azure support is coming soon as well. Besides, when you decide to leave the cloud environment and use an on-premise deployment, both the enterprise and community editions of TiDB are options at your hands and there are no technical barriers to a smooth migration. Going a step further, even if users want to deprecate TiDB and choose another database, TiDB’s MySQL compatible characteristics allows you to adopt other compatible alternatives at a fraction of the cost. Once adopted TiDB, there is no need to worry about vendor locking (cloud vendor or database vendor), as we firmly believe that what really locks users in is the unique value that TiDB provides.

What’s in TiDB Cloud GA

Compared with the beta launch, in TiDB GA we are also launching enterprise-grade features such as:

  • Audit logging, which will allow enterprises to supervise all actions of all users ensuring the security of their database
  • Monitoring and alert center, which will allow enterprise users to monitor their TiDB Cloud clusters and alert them to events automatically
  • Prometheus and Datadog support and integration, which will provide enterprises with even more efficient ways to monitor their TiDB Clusters

Also, we will be introducing 2 additional new TiDB Cloud tiers, providing Business and Enterprise customers with enhanced levels of support. The three tiers we have now are:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Premium

Enterprise and Premium support will provide shorter response times, access to more or unlimited emergency rescue events where you will be provided with the highest priority tickets and our fastest response and resolution time and much more.

Learn more about TiDB Cloud or get started today!

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