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The Problem

Dated environments increase cost and complexity

Legacy database environments are often unable to meet your current needs, instead incurring higher maintenance costs, requiring complex architecture, while limited by an inability to query at scale. The necessity of constantly updating your environment can be avoided by implementing a modern database platform.

Our Solution

Modern environments deliver speed and simplicity

TiDB delivers a modern database environment, developed from the ground up to use commodity hardware, providing scalability and data availability while delivering excellent query performance. Some benefits of moving to a modern data platform include improved developer velocity; reduced costs, since you are consolidating a stack of disparate systems; enhanced analytics capabilities from a single database; and multi-cloud availability, enabling you to distribute risk and lessen vendor lock-in.


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An enterprise customer with 6000+ customers worldwide supports their TiDB environment with 5 back-end engineers and 5 front-end engineers

1 M

A customer with over 475 million monthly active users, sees greatly reduced system complexity, and stronger consistency because TiDB provides distributed transactions

1 X

Implementing Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing with TiDB delivered a three times improvement in performance for a consumer electronics provider

Case Study

Why Streak Chose TiDB to Make Its CRM Real-Time

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that directly integrates with Google Workspace to create a CRM dashboard of sales pipelines, contacts, and action items. Founded in 2011, they now have over 6000 customers worldwide with industry leading companies such as Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, Logitech, Rappi, and Keller Williams.   Streak is layered on top of Gmail […]

TiDB is enabling Streak users to share emails and metadata effortlessly, and is enabling our developers to move faster than ever before.

Fred Wulff, VP of Engineering