The Problem

Scalability limitations can inhibit business growth

Databases are used in various domains and now have more rich features than when first invented. But most serious scenarios still require a robust Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) capability and, with the evolution of digitalization, the database must be able to scale to support the business growth.

Our Solution

Right-sized environments enable business adaptability

TiDB meets an array of OLTP requirements, including scalability, to enable the environment to adapt to changing needs: high availability, which keeps the data always available and accessible; low latency, meaning that users are able to access the information in a timely manner; and high throughput, to deliver the write and read capabilities needed to meet your business requirements


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1 M

TiDB provides the flexibility to run on cost-effective commodity hardware or directly in the cloud, strong performance and availability, and the capability to provide new insights into over 100 million customers

1 X

TiDB delivered a 12X reduction in query response time and the ability to store all of the historical data a customer wants, providing enhanced matching based on customer data


A customer needed to stay available 7X24 ready for any burst of trending or unplanned social market events.

Case Study

Migration from MySQL to TiDB to handle tens of millions of rows of data per day

This document is a use case that details the performance of MySQL and TiDB with tens of millions of rows of data per day.

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Get the massive scale and resiliency of TiDB databases in a fully managed cloud service

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TiDB is effortlessly scalable, open, and trusted to meet the real-time needs of the digital enterprise