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The Problem

Stale data leads to less optimal solutions

Without the ability to analyze data in real-time, you are prevented from making operational decisions with the most current and accurate data. An ideal solution enables you to process and query new data as it is created to inform decisions and guide your business decision-making.

Our Solution

Real-time data enables better business decisions

TiDB provides the ability to explore your data in real-time, so that you can adapt your business and its response quickly and appropriately. This leads to enhanced usage of resources in your database environment, better business decisions, improved customer experience, and a reduction in workload and errors that may come from data transfer.


Supporting over 150 countries, a customer is now able to execute real-time business requests, with execution time reduced to seconds, instead of minutes or even hours

1 M

A customer gets the performance and scalability they need, over 100 million users get the performance they expect, and merchants are happy to receive funds quickly

1 X

A customer is able to store three times more data at a lower cost, plus they gained a 5x performance improvement in query response

Case Study

Real-time Insights Reduce per Order Costs by 25%

With TiDB, ZTO's new full-path digitization system pays for itself. It provides a better customer experience with a longer period of parcel historical information, great on time performance (OTP), increased efficiency through the scheduling and route optimization, as well as reduced operation and delivery costs.


Reduce per Order Costs

OSS Insight


OSS Insight is a useful insight tool powered by TiDB Cloud that can give you the most updated open source intelligence, and help you deeply understand any single GitHub project or quickly compare any two projects by digging deep into more than 5 billion GitHub events in real time.

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