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Last updated on May 24, 2024

This document explains PingCAP’s support policy for major releases of TiDB.

Terms and definitions

Major Release X.x.x
Minor Release x.X.x
Patch Release x.x.X
DMR Development Milestone Release, for development and testing only.
LTS Long Term Support
EOL End of Life

Support for TiDB LTS releases includes:

  • Maintenance Support. Up to 3 years from the date of the first major release, PingCAP will provide regular patches to fix reported issues and security vulnerabilities. Minor releases within the Maintenance Support period do not include new features.
  • Extended Support. After the Maintenance Support period, PingCAP will provide extended support for an additional 1 year. During this period, the following guidelines will apply:
    • PingCAP will only provide critical security patches.
    • The fixed patches will not be made to this major release.
    • PingCAP Support will help customers to find existing patches or known workarounds. If there is no known patch or workaround, PingCAP may help customers upgrade to a newer major release.
  • End of Life (EOL). After the extended support period, PingCAP will no longer provide support for the release.

Note: PingCAP Support is not available for DMR versions.

Release support timelines

Version Release Date Maintenance Support ends Extended Support ends (EOL Date)
v8.1 2024-05-24 2027-05-24 2028-05-24
v7.5 2023-12-01 2026-12-01 2027-12-01
v7.1 2023-05-31 2026-05-31 2027-05-31
v6.5 2022-12-29 2025-12-29 2026-12-29
v6.1 2022-06-13 2025-06-13 2026-06-13
v5.4 2022-02-15 2025-02-15 2026-02-15
v5.3 2021-11-30 2023-11-30 2024-11-30
v5.2 2021-08-27 2023-08-27 2024-08-27
v5.1 2021-06-24 2023-06-24 2024-06-24
v5.0 2021-04-07 2023-04-07 2024-04-07
v4.0 2020-05-28 2023-04-02 2024-04-02
v3.0 2019-06-28 2022-09-25 2023-09-25

Note: To better support early TiDB customers, we use the release dates of v3.0.19 and v4.0.12 for v3.0 and v4.0.

To learn more about TiDB releases, see TiDB Versioning.

Your obligations

By seeking support from PingCAP Support, you accept the following terms:

  • For troubleshooting purposes, please provide PingCAP with reasonable cooperation in the diagnosis and resolution of issues and errors. These include, but aren’t limited to cluster-related monitoring metrics, relevant logs of each component, system logs, and host server metrics.
  • Before you send or upload data or files to PingCAP, be sure to desensitize them and perform a security audit on them, to avoid any objection by any certain individual arising from or relating to PingCAP’s access and use of such data or files. PingCAP does not perform these tasks and shall not assume liability for the same.


  • PingCAP support is only available for official PingCAP products and components. This Policy does not cover issues with hardware, operating systems, third-party plugins, or the cloud environment on the customer side.
  • PingCAP is unable to provide further services for environments that have not been corrected according to the official PingCAP documentation or based on reasonable recommendations given by the PingCAP support team.
  • PingCAP reserves the right to not provide services for releases that have ended their support cycle.