Web3 applications rely on blockchain technology as a single source of truth. Database technology also plays a critical role in Web3 businesses—especially if you provide uninterrupted services like real-time cross-chain data service, NFT, or other financial services.

The right database will determine whether you can give your customer uninterrupted faster response, seamless user experience, and affordable service. One database that meets those needs is TiDB, a scalable HTAP database on the cloud with MySQL compatibility. Because TiDB is easy to use, you can spend less time on training and maintenance and more time on getting your products to market. Faster time to market brings more business opportunities.

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Why TiDB

From processing multiple sources and growing datasets to serving dynamic online queries, TiDB offers scalable and real-time data solutions that are crucial for Web3 players' blitz-scaling.

Common Scenarios

Elastic Scalability for Business Growth

Multi-chain data storage, high-frequency trading, unpredictable financial markets, etc.

Modern HTAP for Real-time Analysis

Cross-chain data services, Reconciliation in real-time, Multi-tenants, Quick iteration

Data Hub for Faster Time to Market

Simple architecture, Multiple data scenarios, One database to rule it all

Previous Architecture


Many Web3 companies are growing rapidly and must with booming archived data in MySQL. They will encounter performance and scalability problems of large clusters, complex proxy operations, high maintenance costs, and the loss of functions.

  • Cross-chain data storage, processing, and analysis
  • 24×7 service means no maintenance window
  • Huge numbers of users create extremely large data volume
  • Bull market brings unpredictable traffic peaks
  • High-frequency trading demands low latency
  • And reconciliation, especially during payment, requires real-time

Why TiDB

  • Cloud native distributed database provides seamless scalability
  • Built-in high availability
  • Stateless SQL layer compatible with MySQL
  • Verified by mission-critical production in the finance sector (such as core banking)

How It Works

Previous Architecture


For financial and cross-chain insight service providers, to get data from multiple chains and provide response and analytics in real-time is extremely important, especially in payment scenarios and for better user experience.

  • Continuous user growth leads to bottlenecks in real-time accounting and financial flow.
  • Core systems such as accounts and orders are extremely sensitive to delay, while the traditional approach takes at least a day.
  • User requests for real-time insights cross-chain data for analytics.

Why TiDB

TiDB’s modern HTAP architecture enables real-time insights into fresh and large-volume operational data.

  • Isolates the performance of data ingestion/importing and normal business processing
  • Synchronizes data better than data warehouse products
  • Can easily process large transactions
  • TiFlash fulfills real-time reporting requirements

How It Works


With everything connected and public, Web3 companies face complex data scenarios that require a strong and simple architecture

  • 24×7 service means no maintenance window
  • Sharded database and sharded tables: high maintenance cost and low scalability
  • Scale up database instances: the cost is high, and there is still an upper limit
  • Proprietary storage services require extra training and operation costs

Why TiDB

The one-stop database provides both transactional and analytical processing dedicated to Web3 users

  •  Needs less maintenance, eliminates, and provides all services a single source of truth
  • Simplifies cross-chain data storage and data analysis
  • Elastically scale you so can adapt to unpredictable high concurrency from multiple data sources
  • True HTAP with full SQL support gives you better data sync and real-time data insights on fresh data

How It Works

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