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About Us


PingCAP started in 2015 when three seasoned infrastructure engineers were sick and tired of the way databases were managed, scaled, and maintained while working at leading Internet companies.

Seeing no good solution on the market, they decided to build one themselves — the open-source way.

With the help of a first-class team, and hundreds of contributors from around the globe, PingCAP is building an open-source distributed NewSQL Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database. TiDB, our flagship project, is a cloud-native distributed SQL layer with MySQL compatibility, and one of the most popular open-source database projects in the world (don’t take our word for it, check it out). TiDB’s sister project, TiKV, is a cloud-native distributed Key-Value store. It is now a CNCF Graduated project.

Company Values

Customer Success

We listen to our customers to understand their needs and think from their perspective. We identify current and potential challenges and optimize business value for our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted, reliable, and long-term partner providing leading technology to our users.

Deliver Results with Excellence

We have high standards, and work hard and smart to achieve our goals. We are driven by results. Success is not measured by inputs or outputs, but by what is accomplished.

Be Open

We strive to make information and the decision process as transparent as possible. We endeavor to be humble, curious, and always open to learning and improving ourselves. We are open to different opinions, diverse perspectives and challenges, but after a decision is made, we fully commit to it.

Be an Owner

We rise to the occasion and never settle. We take ownership on behalf of the entire company. We step up, own issues, and work tirelessly to resolve them.

Respect and Empower People

We strive to unleash the greatness of others, inside and outside the company. We are inclusive and collaborative, bringing people and ideas together. When necessary, we provide constructive feedback or solutions rather than pointing fingers at one another.

Think Big, Think Long, Think Different

We are ambitious, aim high, and think about things others dare not think, and to do things others dare not do. We want to bring breakthrough ideas to life and make breakthrough innovations happen.

Work With Us

If you love open source, open collaboration, open communication; waking up every morning motivated to solve big, hairy problems (and have fun doing it!); working alongside a global team of self-starters, curious learners, builders, and doers, then you should work with us.

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