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MySQL has become one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) on the planet. However, while this database continues to evolve, several MySQL-compatible alternatives have been created to better meet the increasingly complex and data-intensive requirements of distributed cloud-native applications.

In this tech talk, PingCAP Technology Evangelist Li Shen dives deep into the key design principles behind TiDB, a popular MySQL-compatible alternative. You’ll explore how this open-source, distributed SQL database has evolved over time to meet these demanding requirements.


Li Shen

Technology Evangelist

Li Shen is SVP and founding engineer of PingCAP, the company behind TiDB. He is a maintainer of several popular open-source projects including TiDB and TiKV, a distributed transactional key-value store and CNCF graduated project. Li has extensive experience in data infrastructure, software architecture design and cloud computing.