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Are you in Orlando around August 22 – 24? Join us at booth #1118 in Gartner Data & Analytics Summit!

Unleash Innovation, Transform Uncertainty

Enterprises are heading not toward a “new normal” but rather a “no normal” — an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity that requires continuous flexibility, innovation, and investment or reinvestment in data and analytics strategy. Data and analytics are now vital to business strategy, adding significant value to digital transformation initiatives.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, 2022, August 22 – 24, Orlando, FL addresses the most significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future.

we’d like to invite you to participate in these special activities, including:

  • Visiting our booth (No.1118) on the Exhibit Showcase and seeing a demonstration of our HTAP solution with a fully managed service 
  • Learning from other enterprise customers during our Roundtable Session:
    • Building Out Democratized Data Access Capabilities  [14:45 – 15:30, Aug 24]

Check out the detailed agenda here.

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