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Empowering next generation data intensive applications

Founded in 2015, PingCAP is an enterprise-grade software service provider. They are committed to delivering an open-source, cloud-native, one-stop database solution for growth-oriented clients to focus on their businesses instead of software maintenance.

PingCAP’s flagship project, TiDB, is an open-source, distributed Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database that features horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability with MySQL compatibility. It is trusted by global innovation leaders for mission-critical applications, such as Databricks, Dailymotion, Streak, Square, and Colopl. TiDB is also available as a fully managed service, TiDB Cloud.

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TiDB Dedicated

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TiDB Dedicated

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A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for auto-scaling workloads