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Join PingCAP and AI camp in Paris for an in-person meetup.

Date and Time: June 22nd, 5 PM – 9 PM EET

Location: Espaces Réunion, 43 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris Google Map

Registration link: AICamp

Scalability, performance, and availability have historically been seen as separate tables. Up to this point, the common perspective has been that a database system could have two but not all three of these characteristics. The advancement of Distributed SQL as a primary data platform has reshaped these assumptions.

Join the Data at Scale meetup where you will connect with industry-leading data experts and practitioners. We will be exploring the various challenges and obstacles that come with scaling data, as well as sharing practical experiences and best practices related to distributed SQL, data warehousing, data engineering, and data for model training (such as the kind that fuels AI models like ChatGPT).

Agenda (CEST):
* 5:00pm~5:30pm: Checkin, food/drink and networking
* 5:30pm~6:30pm: Tech talk: scaling data platform on hybrid transactional and analytical processing
* 6:30pm~7:30pm: Hands-on workshop and Demo
* 7:30pm: Open discussion & Mixer

Scaling Data Platform on Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing
Speaker: Mattiass Jonsson @PingCAP
Abstract: Join us as we explore TiDB and TiDB Cloud, a fully-managed DBaaS offering of TiDB. In this tech talk session, we will discuss:
– Horizontally scalable, distributed architecture
– Challenges of legacy scaling architectures
– Enables fully ACID OLTP plus access to deep aggregation on real-time data
– Simplifies the data ecosystem by eliminating the need for multiple niche platforms and the connecting data pipelines

Hands-on Workshop and Demo
Abstract: Bring your laptop if you are eager to take part in the hands-on workshop. In this workshop session, you will learn:
– Introduction to TiDB managed Cloud platform
– Deploy a serverless TiDB Cluster in the Cloud
– Explore TiDB Cloud console functions & features
– Use SQL Smart Optimizer delivers fast query results
– Leverage AI to generate SQL queries with ChatGPT

Participants of the workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion (you can add to your linkedin profile)

Experience modern data infrastructure firsthand.

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