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Date: 6/26/2023

Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am PDT

TiDB 7.1 was recently released to bring enhanced database stability and performance for business-critical applications. In this Meetup, Sam Dillard, Principal Product Manager at PingCAP, will discuss the highlights of TiDB 7.1 and what people can expect from upcoming TiDB releases.


  • Opening introductions
  • A quick overview of TiDB and its release cadence
  • Highlights of TiDB 7.1
    • Bringing stability to business critical workloads
    • Improved performance stability
    • Speeding up workloads while using fewer resources
    • Plus much more…
  • What to expect in TiDB 7.2 and where people can view our public roadmap
  • Q&A


Sam Dillard

Principal Product Manager, PingCAP

Sam Dillard is a PM who first came from sales, then sales engineering. He is a self-taught “technologist” who loves thinking about good tech and how to bring it to market. He previously worked in the time series (OLAP) database space, but has enjoyed becoming more familiar with RDBMSs and OLTP.

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