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Building Large Language Model (LLM) applications requires cutting-edge technologies like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), Vector Search, and other AI advancements. TiDB simplifies this by integrating Vector Search into a unified, SQL-compatible database solution

In this launch of TiDB Vector Search public beta webinar. You will hear from industry leaders at AWS and LlamaIndex as they share their insights on the rapidly evolving AI ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your AI and search capabilities with TiDB.


Ed Huang

Co-founder and CTO, PingCAP

Ed Huang is co-founder and CTO of PingCAP, one of the creators of the TiDB distributed database and the TiKV key value store. While he was at Wandou Labs, Ed worked on clustering Redis and created and open-sourced Codis, a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution. He decided to focus on the next generation database and went on to found PingCAP and create TiDB and TiKV.

Laurie Voss

VP, Developer Relations, LlamaIndex

Laurie Voss is VP of Developer Relations at LlamaIndex, the framework for connecting your data to LLMs. He has been a developer for 27 years and was co-founder of npm, Inc.. He believes passionately in making the web bigger, better, and more accessible for everyone.

Fei Lang

Principal Partner Solution Architect, Data & AI, AWS

Fei Lang is a Principal Partner Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services, specializing in guiding AWS partners towards a distinctive Data and AI strategy. With extensive expertise in big data, machine learning, GenAI, storage, and SaaS applications, she empowers partners to deliver a comprehensive suite of purpose-built Data & AI solutions tailored to meet diverse customer needs across various industries. Previously, Fei excelled as a Big Data Architect within the engineering organization of AWS Analytics services, where she provided hands-on technical guidance and design expertise to strategic accounts such as Salesforce, Samsung, Snapchat, and etc.

Kalyan Tummala

Product Marketing, PingCAP

Kalyan leads product marketing for all TiDB products at PingCAP. He has 12 years of Product Marketing experience in B2B Infra and SaaS categories. He launched and marketed products from the ground up at VMware (vSAN) and Qualtrics (Design XM). Most recently he led end-to-end marketing at Grainite, a Sequoia-funded streaming database startup. Launched the company and the product out of stealth and was acquired by MongoDB