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MariaDB is a popular open-source relational database. However, while MariaDB maintains compatibility with existing MySQL applications and tools, it has major limitations in scalability, reliability, analytical processing, and true distributed architecture when building cloud-native applications.

TiDB, developed by PingCAP, is an advanced open source, distributed SQL database with MySQL compatibility. It’s a more practical, powerful alternative to MariaDB that offers built-in horizontal scalability and high-performance analytics.

In this webinar recording, PingCAP Technology Evangelist Li Shen compares MariaDB with TiDB. He also unpacks:

  • The architecture of both databases.

  • How TiDB can serve as a more powerful, practical alternative for extreme horizontal scalability and high-performance analytics.

  • The advantages of deploying with TiDB rather than MariaDB.


Li Shen

Technology Evangelist at PingCAP

Li Shen is the SVP of PingCAP. He is an expert in distributed systems, relational databases, and cloud computing. He has worked at PingCAP for seven years and is maintainer of the TiDB project.