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Horizontal Scalability in TiDB

TiDB scales to meet your business needs. One of the unique aspects of TiDB is that you can scale compute capabilities independently of storage needs. This enables you to design an environment that meets your specific needs for both computational and storage requirements, and that environment can effortlessly adapt to meet changing obligations.

If you know that a large volume of activity is expected, say as the result of the launch of a new application, you can increase both your compute and storage to match the expected increased traffic. But, if you anticipate an increase in storage only and are processing all your requests in a timely manner, you can increase storage only. Conversely, if your storage is well sized, but requests are taking too long to complete, you can increase your computing capabilities without needing to add additional storage units.

This means that you can

  • Meet changing business needs
  • Design and run the most effective environment for your needs
  • Control database costs by using only what you need at any point in time

With TiDB, your environment is accurately sized to meet your current needs and adapt to changing requirements, while keeping operating expense in control.

Case Study

Why Streak Chose TiDB to Make Its CRM Real-Time

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that directly integrates with Google Workspace to create a CRM dashboard of sales pipelines, contacts, and action items. Founded in 2011, they now have over 6000 customers worldwide with industry leading companies such as Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, Logitech, Rappi, and Keller Williams.   Streak is layered on top of Gmail […]

TiDB is enabling Streak users to share emails and metadata effortlessly, and is enabling our developers to move faster than ever before.

Fred Wulff, VP of Engineering

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