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IST - International Software Techniques S.A. is an ISV, dedicated to delivering sophisticated software services and solutions. IST addresses the needs of large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations, while it also offers its services to international software vendors, IT solution providers, I.T. integrators and digital agencies (acting as their designated outsourcing partners).


XP² cloud is the technology partner for improving the digital experience in cloud and cyber security. Based in Paris La Défense, we offer tailor-made projects thanks to the talents of our experts and their extensive experience. We advise small and large companies, as well as public and private sector players. Our consultants are close to our customers' needs, so that we can support them in a sustainable and inclusive way. Our consultants continually develop their skills to meet customers' innovation needs and help them design, deploy and operate new digital solutions.


Mydbops is a niche Database Solutions Provider in the top open source databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, TiDB, with top notch assistance, support, consulting & 24 * 7 managed services since 2015. We improve database performance, scalability, efficiency, detect possible bottlenecks, improve client retention and achieve cost optimisation with best Database Management practices. Our pool of certified DBAs provide the deep expertise your database environments need while you deliver real value to your business.


Softdebut is a leading software distributor based in Thailand, specializing in innovative solutions from global vendors for the Thai and SEA markets. Alongside software distribution, they boast a proficient in-house team of over 100 developers, including programmers, UX/UI front-end developers, and testers. Committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, Softdebut aims to enhance businesses, drive profitability, and help clients achieve their goals through expert web application development.


Xtremax is a tech company on a mission, specializing in simplifying complex problems through innovative solutions. They view Cloud as a transformative force, unlocking limitless possibilities for enhanced human productivity and creativity. With a dedicated focus on simplicity, Xtremax believes in delivering solutions that require courage, ingenuity, and a profound understanding of both technology and people's needs, ensuring everyone can benefit from the vast potential of Cloud technology.


Admazes is an award-winning Marketing & Technology Agency renowned for bridging the gap between Marketing and Information Technology. Our operations span across APAC with our headquarters in Hong Kong. We empower brands and agencies across the region with one-stop, integrated services, optimizing marketing performance through data-driven strategies and ad optimization expertise.


MFEC is Thailand’s listed leading Tech company, specializing in being a 'one stop service solution' provider. We offer comprehensive IT consultancy, develop complex IT solutions, provide IT-enabled services, and enable IT infrastructure for top-tier clients across diverse business sectors. Our primary objective is to be a trusted partner, known for our innovation and service excellence, delivering end-to-end solutions.

todos db

Todos DB established in 2023 as Database Support Partner company that helps organizations to deliver high quality solutions for SQL and NOSQL databases. We provide remote support for SQL and NOSQL databases like TiDB, Mysql, MongoDB, Postgresql, Cassandra, ScyllaDB, Couchbase DB, RDS, Aurora and Aerospike.


Mafiree provides support to a vast range of Open Source technologies. It works as a database partner for numerous clients from different industry verticals like Fintech, Logistics, E-commerce etc. Mafiree show cases a versatile experience in various technologies, esp. in the database layer, along with DevOps, Network layer, Web servers and also in product development.

Cloud Ace

Cloud Ace is a system integrator specializing in Google Cloud that provides one-stop support from cloud implementation design to operation and maintenance, and is also a Google Maps Platform partner. As a Google Cloud managed service provider, we provide technical support in all areas of application development and machine learning, as well as consulting, and system development.


Classmethod is Japan's leading cloud integrator with expertise in big data, mobile and artificial intelligence. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with over 20,000 cases and 2,000 AWS certifications, Classmethod delivers end-to-end solutions for companies looking for 24/7 maintenance, data center migration, security measures, development of big data analytics platforms, mobile apps, and AI chatbot.

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TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Dedicated

A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for predictable workloads

TiDB Dedicated

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A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for auto-scaling workloads