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Program Vision & Mission

The vision for the PingCAP University Relations program is to be the best industry-education-research program in the world.

Our mission is to empower researchers so that they can innovate and solve real-world challenges. In addition, we will help university students gain the knowledge and experience they need to pursue career opportunities in the world of open source software.

For Researchers
  • Joint Research between Universities and PingCAP
  • Doctoral Fellowships
  • TiDB Research
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For Students
  • Membership in the Talent Plan learning community
  • Learn how to develop applications on TiDB
  • Learn TiDB Internals
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For Educators
  • Access to PingCAPs formal TiDB training materials
  • Faculty training of TiDB
  • Connect with other TiDB trainers
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TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Dedicated

A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for predictable workloads

TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Serverless

A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for auto-scaling workloads