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Enterprises can trust TiDB Cloud to fully support their business needs through a fully managed database offering that handles all behind the scenes infrastructure and cluster deployment and backup.

SAN MATEO, CA— May 10, 2022: PingCAP, the leading distributed SQL database provider, today announced the general availability of TiDB Cloud, its fully managed Database-as-a-Service offering. After a year of extensively testing TiDB Cloud in public preview with partners and customers, enterprises can now run their mission critical transactional and real-time analytical workloads against a single, fully managed database while enjoying maximum performance and business continuity.

As organizations advance their digital transformation initiatives in high data-driven environments, they need to address data extraction and data silos challenges that impact their business growth. TiDB Cloud delivers the answer to these pain points, providing a next-generation, cloud-native database that helps to quickly build modern, mission-critical applications in the cloud – both on AWS and Google Cloud. 

“Legacy databases are no match for today’s enterprises processing millions of transactions per second,” said Ed Huang, CTO and Co-founder at PingCAP. “At PingCAP we are dedicated to meeting the most demanding data needs, providing a modern, next-generation database that allows organizations worldwide to manage the increasing load of requests and activate real-time analytics capabilities at the same time.”

TiDB Cloud provides users with the full power of TiDB, PingCAP’s distributed SQL database platform, in a fully managed cloud instance. It offers several new enterprise-grade capabilities that respond to the increasing need for fully managed services, lower data infrastructure costs, and ease of management for complex tasks. TiDB Cloud provides the following enhanced features and functionality in general availability: 

  • Increased security through audit logging Enabling enterprises with the ability to supervise all user actions to ensure security of their database 
  • Built in monitoring and alert center – Helping enterprises get ahead of emerging issues before those issues impact their business
  • New support and integration with Prometheus and Datadog – Providing enterprises with increased efficiency to monitor and manage their TiDB Clusters
  • Availability in new regions – Expanding current AWS regions to serve Mumbai 
  • More options for better cost effectiveness  – Adding new 4vCPU and 16vCPU options for TiDB and TiKV nodes

Through TiDB Cloud, PingCAP is helping users consolidate technology stacks and avoid maintaining costly separate database instances. Furthermore, while on-prem databases can take a considerable amount of time and resources to set up, TiDB Cloud setups only take minutes, simplifying the tasks for developers and DBAs while reducing overall costs for the business.

Two new tiers are also available – Enterprise and Premium, which provide customers with advanced support levels through faster response and resolution times and access to more or unlimited emergency rescue events. This announcement comes on the heels of the TiDB Cloud Developer Tier launch, which allows developers to easily launch a TiDB cluster for free.

To learn more about the power of cloud-native databases and TiDB Cloud, join PingCAP at Percona Live May 16-18 in Austin, Texas. Visit PingCAP’s booth #P3 and join Ed Huang, CTO and Co-Founder, and Liquan Pei, Sr. Software Engineer, and Jeff Bailey, North America Education Regional Manager, in their sessions, ‘The Future of MySQL,’ ‘The Paradigm Shift – Understanding the Move to Distributed Databases,’ and ‘10 Reasons Why the TiDB Database Should Power Your Next Development.’ To register, please visit: PingCAP at Percona Live

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