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PingCAP CEO Max Liu joins Mitch Ashley from Techstrong Research to discuss TiDB. As a developer, Max set out to solve the problem of needing multiple databases to accomplish his business objectives. TiDB combines transactions with analytics into a single hybrid transactional and analytical processing database in an open source and cloud native product.

Max talks about how TiDB Cloud enables a fast return on investment since it simplifies the deployment process so that you can obtain value from your product with reduced focus on database maintenance. TiDB Cloud delivers faster implementation and iteration of your product while you rely on our experts to manage and maintain your database environment. Our open source commitment and cloud first strategy is how we envision the company building trusting partnerships with customers and prioritizing customer success in the long run.

Max also discusses, a demo project that is built upon TiDB Cloud. Last, he invites you to attend the first HTAP Summit, being held on November 1, 2022, in San Jose, CA.

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