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Scale Your Infrastructure without Hassle or Breaking the Bank

TiDB Serverless delivers a serverless database in seconds while you only pay for the data processing and storage you use—so development teams can focus on what’s next.


A Pain-Free Distributed SQL Database

Free yourself from database frustration and manual tasks, such as sharding. Give your apps a powerful, distributed platform.


Automated Scale at an Affordable Cost

Storage, transactional, and analytical workloads elastically scale up or down in seconds to meet your application demands.


Fully-Managed, Elastic Operations

Delivers and maintains an optimized deployment of TiDB without worrying about server provisioning.


Familiar SQL Interface, MySQL Compatible

Don’t sacrifice developer familiarity or transactional consistency. Use standard SQL and invest your time efficiently with relational schema.


Powerful AI-Enhanced Analytics

Advanced features allow you to generate SQL queries, real-time analytics, and get help on the fly, making developers’ lives even easier.

Built by Developers, for Developers

TiDB Serverless boosts productivity with a suite of features and capabilities created alongside the TiDB open-source developer community.

Start Instantly

Manage no servers, only fully-elastic data services.


Generous Free Tier

Build for free up to 25GB and 250M RUs, without entering a credit card.


Use Relational SQL

Get standard SQL syntax without having to learn anything new.


MySQL Compatible

Use a familiar language including MySQL drivers and ORMs.


Auto-Replicated Data

Deter downtime with built-in auto-failover and self-healing.


Online Schema Changes

Make schema changes in production with zero downtime.


Mixed Workloads

Adopt a single database for transactional and analytical processing.


Simple Data API

Access data via HTTP instead of database connections.

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TiDB Serverless offers a true pay-as-you-grow platform for workloads that require auto-scaling, zero downtime, and enhanced security.

TiDB Serverless

TiDB Serverless

  • Autoscaling configuration of TiDB
  • Free up to 25GB and 250M RUs per month for each organization
  • Consumption-based pricing

Purchase through AWS Marketplace

Sign up for TiDB Serverless through your existing AWS account to unify billing and leverage your
existing cloud commitments.


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