TiDB Serverless

A fully managed distributed SQL database with 25GiB free storage.

  • Chainbase
  • square
  • capcom
  • LINE
Scale to ∞
Branch Easily
Data API
AI Capability

Bigger & Better

  • Fully managed
  • Scale from 0 to PB without changing your app
  • Non-blocking schema changes
  • Support high-performance analytics queries

Faster & Easier Serverless

  • Free for 25GiB storage and 250 million reads
  • Only pay for what you use beyond
  • Scale instantly in response to your workload
  • Integrate with modern stack easily like Vercel, ChatGPT, etc.

Smarter & Scalable
AI-powered Apps

  • Leverage vector search to build intelligent AI applications
  • Implement Graph-based RAG for high-accuracy results
  • Native integrations with leading AI vendors and frameworks
  • Single database for both vector search and data embeddings

By Developers, for Developers

We take pride in our open-source roots. With the developer community, we align our product, to make sure it perfectly fits modern application developer's needs.
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  1. AI Assisted SQL Editor

  2. Branching

  3. Data Service

  4. Built-in monitoring

Efficiently and intelligently construct SQL queries. Seamlessly generate intuitive queries, conduct thorough analyses of existing code, and receive tailored function recommendations - all powered by AI.

How to use AI Assisted SQL Editor

Seamless Integration With What You Already Use

Our growing integration and ecosystem curate the most popular ways to work TiDB Serverless. You can connect to what you already use.
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“We build with TiDB”

Tens of thousands of developers and startups are building applications with TiDB
@Boris Savelev
SRE Manager, Bolt
In the following years, we will definitely migrate more clusters from MySQL to TiDB, use TiCDC to set up multi-region clusters on AWS for failover, and try TiFlash for instant analytical queries.
Hackathon AI Track Winner, Quizmefy
AI App
We heavily utilized TiDB's serverless feature to power our backend. This allowed us to scale our backend to handle thousands of requests per second effortlessly while keeping costs low, as we only pay for what we use.
Project Owner of AI-Mon
AI App
With TiDB Serverless, setting up a database is as easy as clicking a button. It handles analytics seamlessly, without the need for manual scaling.
@Henry Qin
Software Engineer
TiDB's architecture, sort of a SQL layer on top of a key value store, was more scalable and more likely to cause fewer problems down the line. With TiDB, we don't need to worry about cross-charge transactions. That's huge.
@Kaustav Chakravorty
Senior Architect, Flipkart
The NO.1 benefit is simplicity. With TiDB, our applications can retain their SQL data model and the ACID guarantees. We don't have to implement any kind of sharding logic, and the database management becomes simpler too.
@Kentaro Kitagawa
Senior DBA, LINE Corporation
Scale-in and scale-out in a cluster configuration is also easy, and the ecosystem is very rich, with operation monitoring tools such as Grafana being able to be installed immediately with the installation command (TiUP).
@Sky Dong
Founding Engineer, Chaintool
Web 3
The ease and comfort of getting started are paramount for us, and the fully managed operations of TiDB Serverless allow us to focus more on our core business, ensuring that our development resources are utilized where they matter most.
@Thomas Yu
Founder, KNN3 Networks
Web 3
TiDB Serverless is especially beneficial for experimental or early-stage features. It's cost-effective for startups, scalable, and development-friendly.
@Yaohui Sun
Data Platform Lead, Chainbase
Web 3
TiDB Serverless's automatic scaling capabilities allow us to swiftly scale up to meet performance demands and scale down during quieter periods for optimizing costs.


Start free, pay as you grow

TiDB Serverless provides the most generous FREE plan in the industry. We aim to support turning all the great ideas from you into reality, by eliminating financial constraints.