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Title: Hands-on Workshop: Building a Sample Data-Intensive Application with TiDB Cloud

Time: Thursday, May 5th, 4 PM PT


We call an application “data-intensive” if data is its primary challenge—the quantity of data, the complexity of data, or the speed at which it is changing. Real-time insights in data-intensive applications are extremely valuable to the database users.

Join this hands-on workshop to learn how to build a sample data-intensive application with TiDB Cloud and Metabase. You’ll see how TiDB provides insight-as-a-service.

Complete the tasks in the workshop to win an Amazon gift card. Space is limited. First come, first served! 

*This event is for the North America community only. 


Chenhao Huang, PhD

Developer Relations Specialist, PingCAP

Chenhao is a Developer Relations specialist at PingCAP. He received his Ph.D degree at University of Sydney early 2022. His research interests include data consistency, replication, and self-tuning databases. He has been a tutor in the University of Sydney for more than 5 years, teaching a wide range of courses, including Cloud Computing and Advanced Data Models.

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