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Enterprises are increasingly focused on extracting more insights at faster speed from their data. However, they face enormous challenges to realize that transformation due to:

  • Complexity of extracting insights from a disparate sprawl of data silos.
  • Legacy database infrastructure is unable to handle unpredictable traffic surges.
  • Constantly changing demands of their intelligent, real-time services.
  • Difficulty achieving insights at scale to accommodate business growth.
  • Inability to maintain business continuity in the face of potential downtime of data access due to security and compliance issues.

Attend this webinar to hear from our guest speaker from Forrester about the current landscape and trends as current solutions fall short in addressing many of these challenges in a comprehensive way.

Plus, learn more from PingCAP about how they are delivering a comprehensive and balanced approach to resolving your next generation database challenges. Get frictionless scaling, uninterrupted business continuity, unified data silos with unparalleled simplicity of use, all with open source innovation, and a cloud native approach.