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PingCAP, the company behind TiDB, the most advanced, open-source, distributed SQL database, is excited to announce its presence at AWS re:Invent 2023, taking place from November 27 to December 1 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV.

Join us at Booth 1032 to:

  • Meet the PingCAP team: Engage with experts who can guide you through the capabilities and advantages of TiDB for your specific use cases.
  • Discover Scalability Solutions: Learn how TiDB empowers businesses to scale their databases effortlessly, addressing the challenges of modern, data-driven applications.
  • Explore Next-Gen Application Development: Understand how TiDB enables developers to build innovative, cloud-native applications that demand high performance, reliability, and scalability.

Expo Hall Location: 

The Venetian: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Stop by Booth 1032 to grab some awesome PingCAP swag and take home a piece of the re:Invent experience!

PingCAP’s Apple AirPods Max Raffle

Stop by our Booth for a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods Max courtesy of PingCAP, the company behind TiDB! 

Spot the TiDB Fleet on the Strip

Spot the TiDB fleet on the Strip, take a photo and post on your LinkedIn and X account. Show the post to us at our booth, and earn 3 extra raffle tickets

Join PingCAP at the Race Track!  

Like a finely-tuned race car, TiDB accelerates your data with speed and precision, handling the twists and turns of scalability and versatility effortlessly. Just as a race car relies on titanium for strength and reliability, TiDB is your titanium solution for a scalable and versatile database, powering your data-intensive applications with unmatched reliability

Join the PingCAP team for an exclusive invite only experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! You will get to drive dream cars, network with PingCAP executives and mingle with other like minded IT professionals. 

After spending time on the track racing super cars, you will have access to a private closed door session led by our very own Co-Founders: Max Liu CEO  & CTO Ed Huang.

Reach out to our team for an invitation for this invite-only activity. 

About PingCAP and TiDB

PingCAP was founded in 2015 by three software engineers from Global 5000 companies who wanted to build a new database system more scalable and reliable than MySQL. 

The company’s flagship product, TiDB, is the most advanced, open source, distributed SQL database for building modern applications that are relentlessly elastic, versatile, and reliable. PingCAP is backed by Sequoia Capital, GGV Capital, Access Technology Ventures, Coatue Management, and others to help realize its mission: empower developers everywhere to distribute their data with speed, agility, and scale.

TiDB is engineered to meet the demands of today’s data-intensive applications: 

Scalable by Design

  • Provides horizontal scalability across nodes
  • Grants total transparency into workloads without manual sharding
  • Cuts down on expensive over provisioning

Versatile by Nature

  • Supports OLTP and OLAP workloads
  • Offers a streamlined tech stack that’s easier to maintain
  • Reduces data integration tooling

Reliable by Default

  • Guarantees auto-failover and self-healing
  • Ensures strong data consistency in the cloud
  • Contains built-in high availability and zero-downtime operations

Powered by Open Source

  • Eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Integrates with the data ecosystem
  • Runs on AWS, GCP, or Kubernetes

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