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Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET

Database Management Systems (DBMSs) have been around for more than 60 years. But even though the basic idea may be old, DBMSs are continually evolving. So where are they headed next? This meetup is the place where the past meets the future!

Sunny Bains will trace the history of InnoDB, a storage engine maintained by Oracle Corporation. InnoDB became the default storage for MySQL from version 5.5 and for MariaDB from version 10.2. InnoDB’s features include B-tree indexes, foreign keys, full text search indexes (in MySQL 5.7 and later), and tablespaces.

Ed Huang will introduce TiDB 6.0. This release significantly enhances TiDB’s manageability as an enterprise product and incorporates many of the essential features required for a cloud-native database. TiDB 6.0 provides the following major enhancements:

About the Speakers

Sunny Bains, Software Architect at PingCAP

Sunny Bains has worked on storage engines for more than 22 years. His first acquaintance with database kernel work was in 2001, when he was tasked with writing a database engine from scratch. In 2006, he joined the Oracle InnoDB team. At Oracle, he fixed all the core InnoDB bottlenecks and made it scale to what it is today. His main contributions include parallel scanning of the B-tree, parallel data definition lists, and the full text search core.

Ed Huang, Co-founder and CTO at PingCAP

Ed Huang is one of the creators of the TiDB distributed database and the TiKV key-value store. While he was at Wandou Labs, Ed worked on clustering Redis, creating and open-sourcing a tool called Codis. Deciding to focus on this space, he created TiDB and then TiKV, and founded PingCAP.

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