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TiDB Serverless

TiDB Serverless

  • Fully-managed cloud service
  • Great for starter projects and evaluation
  • Up to 25 TBs of storage

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TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Dedicated

  • Fully-managed, reserved TiDB cluster
  • Ideal deployment for a cloud database
  • Up to 500 TBs of storage

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TiDB Self-Hosted

TiDB Self-Hosted

  • Self-managed TiDB clusters
  • Run anywhere on Kubernetes or bare metal
  • Up to 500 TBs of storage

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Free and Open Source

TiDB Community

Our always-free, open source version of TiDB. Contains all the foundational capabilities of an advanced distributed SQL database at no-cost to you.

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TiDB Serverless
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TiDB Self-Hosted
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Data Management
MySQL compatibility
Relational model
ACID-compliant global transactions
Columnar store
MPP execution
JSON support
Online schema changes
Cost-based optimizer
Time to live (TTL)
Flashback cluster
Placement rules
Cluster Management
Supported cloud environments
AWS & Google Cloud
Any cloud
Auto scaling
Node-based scaling
Scale IOPS
Smart scheduling
Cross-region deployment
Customizable replicas
Rolling upgrades
TiUP cluster management
TiDB web console
Enterprise-grade SLA
Managed cluster configuration
Project-grade resource management
Recycle bin
Private link
VPC peering
IP access list
Hardware/cluster node
Third-party integrations
Cluster events
Built-in alerts
Automated backups
Data import
Data export
Data migration
Point-in-time recovery (PiTR)
HTTP data access API
Maintenance window
Per vCPU
Single sign-on
TLS encryption-in-flight
Encryption at rest
SQL role-based access control (RBAC)
Private clusters
SQL audit logging
Two-factor authentication
Community Slack
Community forum
Priority support
Customer success manager

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