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Announcing the TiDB Future App Hackathon 2024

We’re excited to announce that another edition to TiDB Future App Hackathon will be taking place between July 26 – August 23, 2024! Our first global Hackathon last year was an amazing success with almost 1,500 participants from 87 countries (see the recap blog for more details) and we’re looking forward to an even bigger […]

Inaugural TiDB Docs Dash Recap: Celebrating all Contributors and Winners

When I started at PingCAP back in April 2023, one of the things I started thinking about was a global event where our community members can come together to collaborate. Many open-source communities organize Hackathon-type events where people contribute code, but I wanted to focus on documentation (or docs) for a couple of reasons.  One […]

Why Documentation is Important

Documentation (or “docs”) is such a key part of any open-source software project. If you have good docs, users will find it easy to get started. They’ll also be able to find answers on their own for the majority of questions as they use the software.  Even before I start evaluating technical products or organizations, […]

Introducing Data in the Hallway: A New Podcast Series for Open Source Data Enthusiasts

According to the Forbes article, there are more than two million independent podcasts today. So, it was only natural to ask ourselves: Does it make sense to start yet another podcast? Some of the reasons why we personally like podcasts are that they’re easy to consume, have a more casual format, and there’s a sense […]

Celebrating the Successful TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023

On August 15, we announced the winners of this year’s TiDB FutureApp Hackathon and celebrated the closing of a great community event that kicked off on June 6. During the Hackathon, we had 1,490 participants from 87 countries forming 180 teams and submitting 100 projects. Beyond the quantity, we were extremely impressed with the quality […]

Announcing TiDB FutureApp Hackathon

Announcing TiDB FutureApp Hackathon 2023, a global community event for developers everywhere to collaborate and develop exciting applications on TiDB.

Develop Apps Faster with the Integration of Vercel and TiDB Cloud

TiDB Cloud has been integrated with Vercel. With the integration, building web applications becomes much faster, more streamlined, and more automated.

Painting with a Database

Let’s paint with a database and your imagination.

How to Query Data from TiDB with SQL or Java 

You’ll learn how to query data from a SQL database with SQL and Java respectively.

Building a Web Application with Spring Boot and TiDB

This post shows you how to quickly build an application by leveraging Spring Boot and TiDB.

Everything You Need to Know about Function Pushdown from TiDB to TiFlash

In this post, you’ll learn how to push down functions from TiDB to TiFlash and how to contribute to TiFlash.

Building an E-Commerce System with TiDB Cloud and Snowflake

This post introduces an e-commerce system built with TiDB Cloud and Snowflake and walks you through how to configure and use it.