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Business Intelligence in TiDB

TiDB provides excellent access to data for business intelligence. Built-in high availability ensures that the data is accessible and hybrid transactional and analytical processing make certain that you are always accessing real-time data. When you are confident that your data is both accurate and timely, business decision-making is made easier. You know that any needed adjustments are based on data that is current in your environment.

TiDB business intelligence provides

  • Easy access to real-time data for accurate results
  • No need to wait for data to be copied between a transactional and an analytics platform
  • A single source of truth for your data

Businesses need to make decisions with the knowledge that all aspects of the data have been considered and that the data is as current as possible. TiDB provides this capability so that you can confidently move forward with your decision-making.

Case Study

How SHAREit Powers Its AI Workflow with TiDB and TiKV

In this article, Marshall Zhu from SHAREit shares their AI workflow, the challenges they faced, and how two TiDB and TiKV power their AI platform and recommendation system.

TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Dedicated

A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for predictable workloads

TiDB Dedicated

TiDB Serverless

A fully-managed cloud DBaaS for auto-scaling workloads


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