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Cloud Native Capabilities in TiDB

TiDB is designed to work in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. It is cloud native in that it takes full advantage of the scalability and elasticity of the cloud. Running a distributed SQL environment provides many advantages with added resiliency and the ability to scale up, down, in, or out as needed to meet your business requirements.

By distributing compute and storage resources, you gain a level of resiliency that can go beyond the standards of high availability. Combining this with our available Kubernetes Operator enables you to create, run, and maintain an environment that is appropriately sized, self-healing, and highly available.

Cloud native capabilities in TiDB include

  • Scale as needed to meet changing business needs, with costs always kept in check
  • With Kubernetes, the ability to ensure consistent and idempotent environments for development and deployment
  • Kubernetes also provides for a new node to be instantiated as needed, whether to accommodate growth or to replace a lost node

TiDB works within your environment to provide you with the surety that your data is both safely stored and continuously available.

Case Study

Why This MySQL Alternative Beats Vitess and CRDB in Scaling Out Our Databases on K8s

Ninja Van, a Southeast Asia logistics giant, chose TiDB as a MySQL alternative over Vitess and CockroachDB to scale out their databases on Kubernetes. Learn how this MySQL alternative helps Ninji Van fix their pain points.

TiDB is highly MySQL compatible, and it makes our lives much easier. We all believe that TiDB is the perfect choice for our next-generation HTAP database solution.

Shaun Chong, Co-founder and CTO

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