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A digital-first world is underpinned by a digital-first economy. This means that the largest contribution to a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  is from digitalized products and services. IDC predicts that the economy remains on course to its digital destiny with 65% of global GDP digitalized by 2022 and will drive over $6.8 trillion (USD) of direct digital transformation (DX) investments from 2020 to 2023.

The Future Enterprise is IDC’s vision of how companies must organize and invest to participate in digital-first markets. The core competencies of Future Enterprises are enabled by trusted data workloads that handle massive volumes of highly concurrent, real-time transactions with customers, workforce, and business partners at any time, from anywhere, in a highly scalable and adaptive manner.

This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by PingCAP, discusses the challenges and key characteristics of data workloads in the digital-first economy. It also proposes how to get your business ready for the future through a unified data platform like TiDB from PingCAP. The report covers:

  • Dealing with the rising challenges in digitally transformed enterprise data workloads
  • Characterizing the new engines of future enterprise data workloads
  • Managing enterprise data workloads by specialization and unification