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As the clock ticks towards October 21, 2023, MySQL 5.7 is nearing its End of Life (EOL). This milestone signifies that Oracle, the company behind MySQL, will cease to provide official updates, bug fixes, or security patches for MySQL 5.7. As the landscape of transactional data processing continues to evolve, MySQL’s limitations are becoming increasingly apparent. For MySQL 5.7 users, it’s a time to reassess, rethink, and potentially, retool.

TiDB, developed by PingCAP, is an advanced open-source, distributed SQL database that offers a compelling alternative to MySQL. More than a mere replacement, TiDB’s unique attributes make it an attractive, future-proof choice that can operate seamlessly with your current MySQL setup.

What’s Inside this eBook?

In this free eBook, we unveil the transformative journey of various industry leaders that embraced TiDB to tackle their data processing challenges head-on. You will learn:

    • In-depth case studies exploring how organizations navigated their path from MySQL, harnessing the power of TiDB.

    • How TiDB addresses major MySQL challenges such as scalability, high availability, and real-time analytics.

    • Insight into TiDB’s unique benefits, including horizontal scalability, MySQL compatibility, and cloud-native architecture.

    • Detailed analysis of how companies like WeBank, Bolt, and NFTScan leveraged TiDB to reduce batch processing time, amplify scalability and resiliency, or tackle hybrid workloads.

Whether you’re pondering a complete migration to TiDB or considering how it can complement your existing MySQL setup, these case studies will offer valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.