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How HTAP is the New Disruptor in Databases

Every industry today aims to be data-driven. Businesses do not want to base their decisions on assumptions or intuition but on real data. In a typical architecture, businesses have both transactional and analytical workloads. Transactional systems are in the forefront of consuming fast data from sources generating gigabytes to terabytes of data, whereas analytical systems are used to perform advanced analytics on this massive incoming data, deriving value for the business. However, a common challenge for such architectures is the separation of transactional and analytical systems which limits many business use cases. This paper walks through PingCAP’s TiDB open-source, cloud-native, distributed SQL database with Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP).  The highlights include:

  • How TiDB implements HTAP
  • HTAP performance
  • Hybrid workloads
  • Real-time analytics
  • And 3 real-world examples

If you are a visionary chartered with selecting the strategic direction of your organization’s architecture, and lose sleep over the future state of your technology, then this white paper on PingCAP’s TiDB architecture with HTAP is for you.

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