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Course introduction

In this course you will learn about managing TiDB Self-Hosted, backup and restore strategies, as well as the scenarios and common usage of some ecosystem tools.

Who is this course for

Database administrators who are familiar with distributed database operations and administration or equivalent work experience.


Complete the free e-learning course, Introduction to TiDB and TiDB Essentials.

Course Outline

Module 1: TiDB Cluster Deployment

  • Use TiUP to deploy TiDB cluster
  • Start and Stop TiDB cluster
  • Describe the stages of TiDB cluster startup
  • Describe TiDB cluster configuration and log files
  • Create TiDB cluster in the TiDB Cloud

Module 2: Connecting to TiDB

  • Understand the TiDB compatibility with MySQL
  • Describe how to connect to TiDB server

Module 3: Configuring TiDB

  • Understand TiDB system variables
  • Understand the scope of TiDB system variables
  • Understand TiDB configuration file parameters
  • Describe how to modify TiDB system variables
  • Describe how to modify TiDB configuration file parameters

Module 4: Security and User Management

  • Understand authentication and authorization
  • Understand the levels of access privileges for users
  • Manage TiDB user accounts
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Use SQL statements to manage accounts

Module 5: TiDB Monitoring Tools

  • Describe the monitoring and alerting framework
  • Identify common monitoring metrics
  • Monitor TiDB cluster status on Grafana` panels
  • Monitor TiDB cluster status on TiDB Dashboard

Module 6: TiDB Cluster Operational Tasks

  • Rename a TiDB cluster
  • Scale out TiDB cluster components
  • Scale in TiDB cluster components
  • Tear down a TiDB cluster
  • Change the timezone of TiDB

Module 7: Upgrading TiDB Cluster (On-premises)

  • Describe the TiDB versioning
  • Patch the TiDB cluster
  • Upgrade the TiDB cluster

Module 8: Backup Terminology and Strategies

  • Describe TiDB backup types
  • Compare the various backup techniques
  • Perform backups on TiDB Cloud cluster

Module 9: Importing Data using TiDB Lightning

  • Describe what TiDB Lightning is
  • Explain when and how to use TiDB Lightning
  • Using TiDB Lightning to import data

Module 10: Exporting Data using Dumpling

  • Explain when and how to use Dumpling
  • Use Dumpling to perform logical backups

Module 11: Using BR for Backup and Restore

  • Describe what BR is
  • Explain when and how to use BR
  • Using BR to backup and restore TiDB cluster data

Module 12: Using sync-diff-inspector to Validate Data

  • Describe the key features of sync-diff-inspector
  • Explain when and how to use sync-diff-inspector
  • Using sync-diff-inspector to compare schema and data

Module 13: Migrating Data from MySQL-compatible Databases with TiDB Data Migration (DM)

  • Describe the key features of TiDB Data Migration
  • Explain when and how to use TiDB Data Migration
  • Replicate data from MySQL-compatible upstream by using TiDB Data Migration cluster

Module 14: Replicating TiDB Change Events Using TiCDC

  • Describe the key features of TiCDC cluster
  • Explain when and how to use TiCDC cluster
  • Using TiCDC cluster to fan out database change events to downstreams

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CST (UTC-6:00) | 27~29 March, 2024, 10:00 AM~5:00 PM

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SGT (UTC+8:00) | 5~7 June, 2024, 9:00 AM~4:00 PM

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