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This workshop offers experienced MySQL users an opportunity to explore and master the unique features of TiDB and TiDB Cloud through immersive hands-on exercises. You’ll also explore TiDB’s killing features like resource control, placement rules in SQL and HTAP.


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Who this course is for

  • Experienced MySQL users willing to discover the advanced capabilities of TiDB and TiDB Cloud.
  • Application developers, database administrators, and data engineers seeking expertise in distributed database solutions.


  • Experienced in SQL queries
  • Basic knowledge with with DML and DDL on MySQL compatible RDBMS
  • What you will learn

  • How to set up a TiDB cluster for testing purposes
  • The difference between AUTO_INCREMENT and AUTO_RANDOM
  • Metadata Lock and online DDL
  • Clustered and non-clustered primary key
  • Placement rules in SQL and partitioned tables
  • Resource control and database consolidation
  • TiFlash for analytical queries

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