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Are you interested in learning more about open-source data technologies? Do you want to network with other like-minded people in a fun, relaxed environment?

Then come join us on Wednesday, 19 April from 6:30 PM at Spaces Herengracht, for an evening full of inspiring conversations and technical talks by Daniël Van Eeden (PingCAP) and Sébastien Blanc (Aiven).

After the talks, we’ll have food* (light bites will be provided) and socializing later in the evening.


18:30 – 18:40 – Doors open + welcome speech by hosts: Ed Huang (founder of PingCAP) and Aiven

18:45 – 19:10 – “MySQL Protocol” by Daniël Van Eeden, Technical Support Engineer at PingCAP

This presentation gives an overview of the MySQL network protocol. This is done with the help of Wireshark. This will cover the connection setup, query response, and some protocol features.

19:15 – 19:40 – “A legacy app enters a Serverless bar” by Sébastien Blanc, Developer Advocate at Aiven

Bob is a legacy app, built in 2010, he is still the cash cow of the company and this is why he is still there. But Bob is fragile, all the developers that worked on him left the company. He is like a Jenga tower after 20 turns and could collapse any day. Even if he knows it’s too late for him, Bob goes on a quest to see what can be done, his company wants to enter the event-driven and serverless world.

During his journey Bob will meet Debezium explaining to him that he can capture Bob’s data and send it to a river of data called Kafka … He will also discover how this river of data can wake up another creature: Knative, master of the serverless realm.

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