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Battle-tested in Fintech Faster time to market with one fits all database architecture Decision making based on real time data insight
TiDB provides strong consistency and business continuity required by fintech industry TiDB easily scales to hundreds of nodes serving hundreds of millions users. It’s elasticity fulfils your current and future business growth. Real time data ingestion into a single view, which can provide high concurrency data serving as well as complex reporting.

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  • Real time data analysis of on chain data, provide value added service to your customers
  • Single view of customers, make accurate business-critical decisions based on full data rather than siloed data for risk control/ financial market analysis/ user profile management.
  • Real time reconciliation and settlement of financial transactions, raise security bar and provide in-time user experience.
  • Mission critical applications in fintech, such as core payment service, core banking, insurance core system.

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* Valid for customers with a use case for TiDB (OLTP Scale, HTAP) that is qualified for PoC after the initial meeting, subject to PingCAP approval. Offer valid until 4 July 2022