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The rise of AI applications demands a deeper understanding of database infrastructure for maximized performance. This webinar brings together experts from TiDB, showcasing their distributed database’s upcoming vector search engine, and Milvus, a leader in dedicated vector databases.

    • Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    • Time: 09:00 AM – 10:15 AM (PDT) / (GMT -7)

    • Location: Virtual Meetup

This session is crucial for anyone involved in building AI applications, regardless of project size or complexity. Whether you’re developing interactive customer solutions or deploying large-scale models, understanding the foundation of your data infrastructure is key.


Time Topic Speaker
09:00-09:05 Opening Kalyan Tummala, Product Marketing, PingCAP
09:05-09:15 From Dev to Pro, AI-powered Search Made Easy with Milvus James Luan, Partner & VP of Engineering, Zilliz
09:15-09:25 TiDB Serverless is All You Need for Vector Database Ed Huang, Co-founder and CTO, PingCAP
09:25-10:00 Panel: TiDB vs. Zilliz – A CTO’s Guide to Vector Databases Ed Huang and James Luan
10:00-10:15 Q&A

Key Takeaways

    • Streamlined AI Workflow: Discover how these tools empower developers throughout the entire development and deployment lifecycle.

    • Scalable Data Management: Explore how different databases handle varying data volumes for seamless growth as your needs evolve.

    • Cost-Conscious Innovation: Uncover strategies to optimize innovation expenses while fostering sustainable development.

We’ll also explore how to tailor these technologies to match the specific requirements of your AI projects, ensuring you select the data infrastructure that perfectly aligns with your journey.

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