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Date: March 05, 2024

Time: 10 – 11 AM PST

Disaster recovery (DR) is a core feature of every enterprise-level database. Unfortunately, not all databases are created equal, especially when running workloads in the cloud. This can create confusion for organizations who need multi-region deployments to support their growing businesses.

Using a shared-nothing architecture, TiDB combines multi-replica technology and CDC replication to optimize DR for multi-AZ and multi-region deployments. It can achieve a maximum fault tolerance target at a multi-region level with RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes.

Join PingCAP Principal Product Manager Ben Meadowcroft as he walks through the options for handling DR with TiDB using:

    • Backup and restore

    • Point-in-Time Recovery (PiTR)

    • TiCDC



Ben Meadowcroft, Product Manager at PingCAP

Ben Meadowcroft is a cloud infrastructure platform product manager at PingCAP. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He has dedicated the last 12 years to product management in the areas of data protection, data management, and data security solutions. Previously, Ben held positions at Rubrik, VMware, and AWS.