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Join PingCAP and Bolt for a meetup in Bolt HQ in Tallinn


Bolt is a fast-growing mobility company. It’s headquartered in Tallinn and operates in over 500 cities in more than 45 countries, with 100 million customers globally.

During the meetup, experts at Bolt will bring you close to the story of how they selected their data solution and how TiDB as their backend database powers their growth.

Why attend?

This is a recurring meetup. You can learn from industry leaders about the different use cases of distributed databases, the challenges they have encountered with legacy solutions, important key metrics for choosing the right database, and more. It also provides a great venue for you to connect with like-minded peers in the industry.

Who Should Attend?

The meetup is dedicated to database administrators, application developers, database engineers, cloud architects, or anyone interested in distributed database technologies and how they fuel the business.


Tuesday, December 6, at 6 PM

Fill out the registration form and meet us in Tallinn for the tech talks.