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Date: Jun 20, 2024 

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM PT

Experiencing challenges with your database as a service (DBaaS)? Join us as we compare TiDB to Amazon Aurora. We will explore TiDB’s distributed database architecture and how it elastically scales out transactional applications with strong ACID consistency and no system downtime. While Amazon Aurora offers horizontal scalability through read replicas, it relies solely on a single primary instance for all write operations. Additional scaling out requires manual sharding.

In this webinar, PingCAP Senior Solution Engineer Matthew Penaroza will evaluate the distinct characteristics and ease of use of both database platforms, exploring:

  • Where each database delivers value
  • The key differences in scale for both TiDB and Amazon Aurora
  • Vendor flexibility and the pitfalls of vendor lock-in

We hope to see you there.


Matthew Penaroza

Matthew Penaroza is a Senior Solution Engineer at PingCAP, where he designs and architects solutions for TiDB users. An authoritative voice on database technologies, he has authored several articles and white papers on Amazon Aurora and TiDB, contributing valuable insights to the tech community. Matthew works with some of TiDB’s largest enterprise customers in North America, including Airbnb, showcasing his pivotal role in driving technological adoption and innovation at scale.