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What is HTAP Summit

The HTAP Summit is the very first conference around Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP), which promises to be a disruptive technology in the database world. You will be joined by database industry leaders and developers from across the world to discuss technological and business innovations in:

  • Mission-critical transaction processing at scale
  • Real-time data analytics as business insights

Join us to learn, teach, share and connect to the amazing community of the fusion tech world.

Who Should Attend

Application developers, architects, data engineers, analysts, and CxOs, or anyone that requires data agility for their business, will benefit from the collective insights of the speakers! As an attendee of HTAP Summit 2022, you will be able to explore a wealthy collection of quality topics around HTAP databases, including core infrastructure technologies, use cases, best practices, and ecosystem.


Tuesday, November 1, 2022丨California, USA (In-person Only)


  • The Rise of HTAP
  • Real-Time Data at Scale
  • Panel: SELECT * FROM AP JOIN TP ON realtime

Breakout Tracks

Track 1: HTAP in the Real World

Users share stories of building robust transaction processing and analytical capability in the real-time HTAP environment, to support efficient business growth.

Track 2: The Beauty of HTAP

Engineering stories of designing and implementing HTAP platforms.

Track 3: HTAP with the Ecosystem

Tying HTAP to the data ecosystem – integrations, security, client, APIs, etc.

Track 4: Hands-on Workshop (Bring your laptop)

Guides you through an easy way to get started with TiDB Cloud.

Check more information on HTAP Summit landing page.

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