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The past few years have witnessed the rise of many data-critical industries, such as Web3, Digital Banking, Fintech, and SaaS, etc. As the rate of change continues, embracing a simple and effective data infrastructure, supporting business growth needs, and fulfilling the commitment to customers becomes a must.

This webinar brings inspiring speakers together to demystify the data challenges regarding the above industries, provide solid solutions to approaching the data challenges today, and share their experiences in production in the real world.

Why attend

  • The webinar gathers trusted minds from APAC database and cloud technology
  • Speakers will share their insights that might hit your technology challenges on the head, especially regarding business growth and data
  • Industry leaders will also provide unique perspectives that can help you in identifying the right solutions to optimize your data infrastructure
  • There will be a Q&A session that brings your questions to all the speakers

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to get inspired and is interested in learning about industry trends, rising database technologies and use cases, and how enterprise leaders are handling their data challenges.

You might find this webinar especially useful if you are a technology leader in a data-critical industry. This is what you’ve been looking for.