Thank you for your interest in TiDB! We are pleased to present to you a one-time exclusive offer on TiDB Cloud*, our fully managed cloud database service.

Trusted and adopted by developers around the world, TiDB Cloud is powering a full spectrum of workloads, from small clusters to complex, data-intensive applications.

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Features of TiDB Cloud:

  • Deploy on Google Cloud Platform
  • Scalable with simplicity and agility
  • Single database for both mission critical tasks and real time insights
  • Highly available with data resiliency and data consistency
  • Automatic data distribution
  • Ensure data security with our ISO, SOC 2 Type 2, and GDPR certifications

* Valid for customers with a use case for TiDB (OLTP Scale, HTAP) that is qualified for PoC after the initial meeting, subject to PingCAP approval. Offer valid from 30 Jun

Act now before the offer expires on Jun 30, 2022!