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10 years ago, businesses set aggressive mandates to move to the cloud. Today, more and more engineering teams are tasked to re-architect their applications to take advantage of serverless computing. But how has this been going in practice?

In this webinar, AWS Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr, Co-founder/CTO of Momento, Daniela Miao, and PingCAP CEO & TiDB creator, Max Liu share their thoughts on the state of serverless adoption. 

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • History of serverless
  • Current trends of serverless computing
  • Developers’ adoption of serverless technology 
  • Serverless databases—current gaps and future trends
  • Challenges of building serverless applications—and how to solve them
  • New technologies for streamlining development workflows

About the Speakers:

Jeff Barr

Vice President & Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

Jeff Barr joined Amazon in 2002, became the company’s first web services evangelist in 2003, and founded the AWS News Blog in 2004. In his role as Chief Evangelist, Jeff strives to explain the benefits of cloud computing and web services to anyone who will listen. He has written over 3200 posts for the AWS Blog and another 1100 for his personal blog, streams AWS updates every week, and maintains an active social media presence.

Daniela Miao

CTO & Co-Founder at Momento, Inc.

Daniela Miao is the Co-Founder and CTO of Momento, a serverless platform automating infrastructure management at scale. Previously, she led Platform Engineering at Lightstep, where she launched their Metrics Product. She was also tech lead at AWS DynamoDB, and released cross-region replication. Daniela has spoken at many events including re:Invent, QCon, and Kubecon. At Momento, she works on distributed system performance, observability, security, and the intersection of engineering with business.

Max Liu

CEO of PingCAP and creator of TiDB

Max Liu is the co-founder and CEO of PingCAP, the company behind TiDB, one of the most advanced open-source, distributed SQL databases for building modern applications. He’s the creator of several popular open-source projects including TiDB and TiKV, a distributed transactional key-value store and CNCF graduated project. Max has extensive experience in data infrastructure and software architecture design, having worked on large distributed systems at leading software and e-commerce companies.