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About the Hackathon

We’re excited to announce the TiDB Future App Hackathon kicking off on June 6, 2023. This global community event provides an opportunity for developers everywhere to collaborate and develop exciting applications on TiDB, an advanced, open-source, distributed SQL database with MySQL compatibility. With a prize pool exceeding $36k US and an array of latest TiDB swag for winners, this Hackathon is all set to celebrate creativity and innovation. You can sign up for the Hackathon today and find more details on the event, including training content and sample applications at

Hackathon Meetup: Idea Pool

On June 15th, we will be hosting an online brainstorming session that will help unleash a wave of inspiration. Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunity to kickstart your Hackathon journey and ignite your creative ideas! The goal of this meetup is to support Hackathon participants with project ideas and answer any questions you may have about the event. You will have a chance to hear directly from Ed Huang who is the Co-Founder and CTO of PingCAP and he is also one of the Hackathon judges.


  • TiDB Future App Hackathon Overview
  • Idea Rush:
    • Discussion of potential Hackathon project examples
    • What I’ll be looking for as a judge
  • Q&A


Ed Huang – Co-Founder & CTO of PingCAP, Final judges of TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023. Ed is an active open source enthusiast and open source software author, whose representative work includes Codis, a distributed Redis caching solution, and TiDB, a distributed relational database.

Xin Shi – Product Manager at PingCAP. Xin Shi is the Lead Product Manager of TiDB Serverless at PingCAP, with substantial expertise in Serverless Cloud and Developer Experience.

Raymond Paik – Community Manager at PingCAP. Ray has been involved in open source community management in Networking, DevOps, and Data Analytics industries. Ray is a frequent speaker at events such as CHAOSScon, Community Leadership Summit, FOSDEM, GitLab Commit, and Open Source Summit

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