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Date: May 1st, 2024

Time: 10 – 11 AM PT

Query optimization is an integral part of any relational database management system. It’s the “how” for processing all SQL requests to the database. With TiDB, the goal is to allow your applications to scale without disruption as you scale your system to heights only possible with distributed SQL architecture

Join PingCAP Optimizer Architect Terry Purcell as he utilizes his two decades of expert insights to simplify the challenges behind query optimization. He’ll reveal how TiDB’s optimizer is uniquely qualified to keep your distributed system running at massive scale. 

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Terry Purcell

Terry Purcell is an Optimizer Architect at PingCAP, working on the development of the TiDB query optimizer. He has over two decades of experience in query optimization, including 10 years leading one of the most reliable cost-based optimizers in the industry. Terry has contributed to more than 40 US patents, as well as countless webinars, white papers, articles, and conference presentations.